Guide to Road Signs

Whether you're new to truck driving or want to refresh your knowledge of road signs, you're in the right place. 

We've put together this helpful resource to help you understand and recognize the road signs you'll encounter during your trucking journeys.

Why should you learn road signs?

  1. Safety: Knowing road signs keeps you safe. They show essential information about the road, like dangers, speed limits, and directions. This helps you make smart choices while driving, so you're less likely to have accidents.

  2. Following rules: If you don't understand road signs, you might break traffic laws without realizing it. This can lead to fines or other penalties. Learning road signs helps you follow the rules and drive legally.

  3. Saving time: When you understand road signs, you can plan your route better. You'll know where to turn and which lane to use, making your trips quicker and using less fuel.

  4. Feeling confident: You're a better, less stressed driver when you're confident about road signs. This makes your driving experience more enjoyable and safer.

  5. For truck drivers: If you drive trucks for work, knowing road signs is a must. It helps you follow the rules and drive safely, which is crucial for your job and others' safety.

Meanings of different road signs

Road signs can look different and have different colors and pictures on them. Each sign tells drivers something important. It doesn't matter if you're new to driving or want to remember things you already know. 

Warning road signs

Temporary traffic control road signs

Regulatory road signs

Motorist service road signs